Event bookings - odd reporting results

I’ve got an event booking system and am trying to run reports showing the details of who has booked what event time slot for a location. I’m getting some odd results.

I’ve extracted all my event bookings and I currently have 161 events that have been booked (CONTENT, EVENTS, extract)

I would have thought running a CRM EVENT BOOKINGS report would match a contact to an event booking but when I run that report I only get 36 entries.

The other odd thing is that some of my event bookings are coming in as CRM FORM SUBMISSIONS - I have 10 records that are showing up on that report.

I’ve tried setting up a custom report but that just delivers the 36 entries currently showing on the CRM event bookings report.

Where can I find the details of the other 125 event booking records?

I found some entries which were uploaded from events already booked on the old system but there are still some entries where the event is subscribed but the subscription entry is not coming up in the reports. Also still have the issue of some events coming up as form submissions.

I’ll log a support request - looks like something is amiss.

The only idea I have is that in the CRM bookings are filtered by form name - excluding all bookings made manually in the admin. I wrote about it here and the issue was added to the internal backlog: CRM -> Bookings: Export to Excel to be filtered by form name?