CRM -> Bookings: Export to Excel to be filtered by form name?

When exporting event bookings in CRM -> Booking Subscriptions to an excel file it seems as we can only filter bookings by date span and booking form:

I’m not sure what sense it makes to filter by form name as we always use just one booking form which we put in the detail layout of the event module. But maybe I’m missing something here.
But we certainly need a way to filter by event name as these excel file exports work as lists of subscribers for the related events.
At the moment the workaround for us is to filter by event name in the exported excel file. Even if custom reports in 5.4 will solve this problem … custom reports won’t be available in Business plans as it seem.

There’s another problem with only being able to export subscriptions filtered by form name: Manually added subscriptions via this button are not included in the export:

Hi @TimL,

Thanks for reporting the issues. We’ll be adding a field to filter by event name and the form will be optional. Also, we’ll be adding an option to select “added manually”. This has been added to our internal backlog.

Cool @Violetta.S. Thanks!

Hey @Violetta.S, any idea when this will be done? Asking for a client :slight_smile:

Hi @TimL,

I’m afraid we do not have an ETA on this task at the moment. We’re working on prioritizing our internal backlog tasks and I hope to have some news next week.

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Thanks for raising this Tim.

I’d also like to add that the date field selection on the report is linked to the date the event was booked - not the event start date. Generally when we run reports we want to look at a list of upcoming events so need to be able to filter by event start date. The date the event is booked is not that relevant to us.

Just my 2c worth…

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Thanks for raising this @TimL. We also need this functionality (output report by event name and include manually added participants). Hope this can be added soon.