Event Filtering / Module Filtering in ADMIN

Hey, I’m sure there are posts out there about this, but does anyone know when this will be fixed?

Clicking the date filtering option https://prnt.sc/v4pvr9 either descending or ascending, doesn’t filter the dates correctly. It is at random, and it seems it filters based on what was last saved, not so much on the date.

I noticed this today, but a few clients have also mentioned it in the past (not sure why I didn’t address this then).

@vlad.z any news on when this UI/UX improvement will be updated? If it won’t for a while, I would suggest we remove it?

I am specially looking at the Events Module, so maybe it is just not filtering the event start date properly? At a quick glance, it looks like ‘Release Date’ is sorting properly.


Hi @A3CS, I’ve checked and it works fine. Please submit a support ticket and we’ll check it on your site.