Event search form?

I notice in the Events Component one of the options is a search form. If I load it on a page without a layout (there are none by default) it just goes to the detail event layout.

I thought I could create a layout for it in the event settings but it doesn’t look like you can add a custom layout for events.

Has anyone used the event component search? How is it supposed to work?

There are 2 elements for search.

  1. The search form
  2. The module component, configured with isSearchResult: "true", which will list the results.

You can define the layout that is used for the with the layout: "<YOUR LAYOUT>" parameter.
The default layout selected is the ‘Detail’ layout, but you can change that back to the ‘List’ layout or create your own custom layout.
And you should be able to create a custom layout in the Event module settings (be sure it’s an ‘Event Layout’ and not an ‘Event Group Layout’).

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Ah thanks - I think I must have been in the group settings. I’ll have a play with this.