Events Calendar Styling

If I make changes to the event-calendar.min.css within 24 hours it seems to get overwritten. I have tried putting this file in a different folder and referencing it in the head of the page but the calendar script continues to look to the /cms-assets/css/ folder. How can I change this so that I can customise the design?

Create a new css file containing just the styles you need to modify, or add those styles to your site css file, which will override the system css.
Anything in /cms-assets/ will get restored by the system so they are only really there as reference.

@Adam.Wilson that is what I normally do for galleries etc but doesn’t want to work for Event Calendar. It doesn’t overwrite the original and just keeps looking at the /cms-assets/css/ file

Yes, it will always refer to the system css file, but if your own css styles aren’t overriding them it’s probably a css specificity issue. So you may need to look at the order the css files are in your document, use more specific css targeting, or use !important (as last resort).
If you want to share a link I can take a look too.

@Adam.Wilson I got this working using !important. It would be good to have a simplier way to override this file instead of having to add this to every css line you want to update though.