Events - Event Start Date and End Date

Using the events module more and more now… and I am really noticing something we need, that BC had.

IF the event end date is chosen, then it is removed from any listings (separate to the event release date).

I am finding more often than not, that I need to show a listing of upcoming events, and also a calendar view.

The listing show be based on the parameters I set - i.e. only show events that still have a valid event end date, and if the event end date has expired, then disable the info from list view.

However, for the calendar, I still need to see these expired events.

Yes, I can manage all of this with release date, but then it removes it from the calendar and all you are left with on a calendar, is a blank calendar at the end of the month.

My two cents…

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What do you think to this logic/functionality:

By default, Event start/end dates should not affect the visibility of Event items (either in list or calendar views). Only Release/Expiry Dates should affect visibility.

Then, as additional options in an Event item, we had settings to ‘Hide Event When…’, eg:

or it this too convoluted?
or should this be done via extra parameters in the component tags (so that we can control different listings/calendars separately)?

PS: I’ve moved this post to the Backlog category.

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I like your logic here Adam! This would be perfect if they can execute it!

Rock star!