Events module - email follow ups to event attendees

In the EVENTS module – are there any future plans to expand the module to have auto triggered follow up emails as it was on BC? On BC you can set up a follow trigger emails up for the next day, or say 5 days time to check back in with attendees. Super helpful - to say follow someone up for a “sign up” or “come to our next event” type situations.

Or does anyone have any suggestions on how I can manage this on Treepl? I need to add in a “next day” followup and a “5-day” follow up.

Thanks Treepl peeps.

This would be a great feature.
Current workaround might be to subscribe them to a mailing list (Mailchimp) on the Event rego form and use Mailchimp’s automation tools to achieve your follow-ups (and more).

I have the same issue. We have 2 clients that rely heavily on this BC function to communicate with their seminar and webinar participants, sending auto reminders and follow-ups both before and after the event date. Has anyone created a workaround for this? I wonder whether a custom workflow can be triggered/queued to send at a later date date? Or, maybe possibility is using Jotform. i.e. populate a hidden background form that submits to Jotform for the reminder notifications? Any other ideas anyone?

I have the same issue. I have clients using the BC anniversary campaigns and event reminder emails. It would be great if this was available within Treepl.

HI Adam - there was talk of this being implement in one of the updates. Do you know if this functionality is available now and if so, where is it accessed?

Hi @doodlefish. No, there are no email follow-ups as yet.
Just for reference, there is a backlog item on this here: Event Anniversary Emails