Events Module: Moving a registered event attendee to another event date

It does not appear to be possible to move a paid user from one event to another (by date). I have a site with weekly event bookings. People turn up weekly as visitors to the networking group for breakfast. Sometimes there is a cancellation and the visitor wants to move their booking to another week. Would this be an option for the Wishlist if not too much work? Obviously invoices for payment would not match… Any thoughts?

Hi Megan,

Could you provide more details on the issue? A use-case with maximum information would be perfect.

Hi Violetta Brisbane Networking is a live example - - where people from the public register to attend a meeting as a visitor. Sometimes, the visitor might need to change their attend date. It would be good to be able to move them from one date to a date that suits if they need to change their attendance date.

@Violetta.S - Do you have anything to add to this after taking a look or is it ready for me to add to the public backlog? :slight_smile:

Hi @Megan,

I’m afraid since there’s a paid registration we can’t review the full flow. Could you describe all the actions from the user and site admin perspective?

@Peter-Schmidt I’m afraid we need more information here.

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@Violetta.S - Sure thing, I will get back to the topic when you guys have all the information you need :slight_smile:

The admin on the dashboard would make the change via the Treepl Admin Dashboard, to move a registration of the subscriber to a new event date.

The user does not have access to change their registration date.

It would be a bonus if and “update” email notification could also be triggered by the admin “tick box - send registrant/user confirmation email” to send to the subscriber/user to “confirm” they have been moved to a new event date.