Export customers and mailing list subscription

I cant seem to find anywhere that I can export a list of customers and if they are subscribed to a mailing list. If I look at the forms submitted individually i can see if the customer subscribed but it doesn’t seem to be an option in ‘Reports’ or when you export the CRM database. Am I missing it?

Yeah, there’s just not really a way to do this at the moment.

Some alternatives:
If you go to ‘Email Marketing’ > ‘Mailing Lists’ you can view the subscribers of each list. Here you could manually copy/paste each page of the table into a spreadsheet. Not ideal of course.

Or you may have to go straight to the source and export the list from Mailchimp, and then compare this to a full CRM export from Treepl.

No great options here as yet, unfortunately.

Fantastic! Thank you @Adam.Wilson