FAQ: Allow Multiple Parents - Groups? Items?

I want to use the FAQ module and the option for Allow Multiple Parents is checked. So how do I set the multiple parents? I can’t find a way to select more than one parent for a group or question in the admin.
1 - How do I set this in the admin interface?
2 - Are both supported - groups and questions?

I tried importing the groups and specifying more than one parent in the parent field:
But, that didn’t work. In fact, the parents weren’t imported at all. After exporting and reimporting all of the groups were at the root level.
3 - Are parent relationships supported in the import?

Here’s my example. These are a few of the groups:

Thanks for the help!


Hi @shannonlynd
You need to make sure you are editing the module settings for the ‘FAQ Question’ and not the ‘FAQ Group’. Then setting “Allow multiple parent items” will work and you’ll see a new tab when creating/editing FAQ Items.

The interface and workings of this is the same as that of Products being able to exisit in multiple Catalogs.

From the docs: