FAQ Categorisation

There doesn’t seem to be anyway to classify/categorise FAQs like there is in BC. Does anyone have a work around for this other than creating separate FAQ folders?

From what I can see, no way of doing this. I’ve been setting up as a Custom Module instead - way more flexible.

Great idea Aaron! I think I will have to do this too for the time-being for sites that are on the Business Plan and wait for the functionality for Essential sites.

As a hack you could use the weighting field. ie: 1 for all items in one category, 2 for another, and so on. Then filter by weight or use liquid logic to sort/group them.

Or, if you need named categories, set up a naming convention in the name field, eg: “Item Name#Category Name”, then use liquid to split the name field by # and sort into groups that way, or whatever you need to do.