Feature Discussion: Template selection as on page liquid

I’m placing this here or discussion prior to any official backlog request.

My idea is to have the template selection occur on page with liquid.
I’m not sure if this is even possible, so some input from treepl developers would be helpful.

The benefit would be that developers could update templates from their IDE rather than through the admin.

I’d love to hear any feedback/discussion surrounding this topic from my fellow treepl users.

I guess if we’re discussing putting CMS meta-data on the page, the we could also include the possibility of adding other CMS meta data onto the page such as enabled, set as home page, make item secure, added by etc.

I’m not sure this is a good idea. I just thought I’d add it to this discussion.
It could potentially have the same benefits as allowing the template to be selected from the page with liquid.

I guess the big downside is that non-technical users could edit alter the liquid and break pages.

Meta Data markup within the file itself would be very powerful, but also very dangerous as you mentioned. So I think the admin editor would need to strip it out or mask it so it’s only editable via text editors/FTP.

I guess being liquid, on the page, one would also assume you could dynamically control these properties and that this data would be processed at time of render, rather than pre saved in the CMS. So this could cause some problems with indexing and integration with the rest of the system perhaps.

But I’m sure it’s all possible and it would make for a powerful feature.

@Adam.Wilson Good idea regarding hiding the CMS meta data in the editor and only making it available via ftp.

I didn’t consider the idea of having these elements as dynamic potentially. I wonder if this would cause issues. There might be some really neat things that you could do beyond just the convenience of having being able to control page properties over ftp (also store and backup).