FEATURE IDEA: Dev folders hidden from File Manager

It’s great having the File Manager accessible via the admin for both clients and partners, however, since almost everything is accessible here it also opens up risks for those clients that like to poke around…

A simple feature suggestion might be to hide any folder from the file manager that matches a predefined naming convention. Such as any folder starting with “cms-” or an underscore “_folder” (since this is common developer practise to separate dev folders from content folders).


This display rule could then only apply to non-partner admins. Or perhaps it could be included as a setting in the Admin User Roles so we can set which admins can view/add/edit/delete dev folders.

What are peoples thoughts on this concept? any downsides it might impose?


Sounds good to me - Have had the same thoughts, but didn’t quite think of a solution.
I only see upsides to this :+1:

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+100 (its like +1 but when you really are gunning for it :slight_smile: )

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Added here: https://treepl.co/public-backlog-state/request/hide-dev-folders-from-file-manager

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Yeah, I really like this idea. Especially since it already matches my current naming scheme! :100: