Feature Request: Recurrent Events

The ability to create Recurring Events. A single event with the ability to select multiple dates. Not sure if or how it would work, but could save a lot of work creating events that happen on a regular basis.

Yes! This was lacking in BC too.
But what I’d really like to see is a ‘Recurring Engine’. A part of the system that you could configure to recur (duplicate) any other type of module item, on a custom schedule, with some control over how the property values of those items were copied (eg: with incrementing numbers, appending a date, clearing a field or setting a default value, or possibly even with dynamic data from somewhere else, etc…).

This way anything could become a recurring item - an Event, Blog Post, Product, Page…

I’ve been meaning to write this idea up in more detail, but since you mentioned it Peta I thought I’d add it here now :slight_smile:


Oh I love this Adam! Glad I could inspire. It’s something that has cropped up a couple of times for me and it would be fantastic.