'find a location near me' functionality

I have a client who has about 20 locations and is still growing. They are keen to have some sort of ‘find a location near me’ functionality on their website whether via google maps or some other means such as what the Officeworks website has:

Does anyone have any experience creating this sort of functionality or advice to offer?

As a start, take a look at these…




@TopLeftDesigns Thanks Greg. Just what I was looking for – especially the Google links. Have you ever done a store locator?

Hi @hopestew

We’ve implemented a map with location, but it is a bit different than the one you have posted.
It is a complete plugin that we’ve implemented, fairly easy :slight_smile:


Very nice @Peter-Schmidt ! This is very much what my client would like (but in their colour scheme!). Did you create the plugin yourself?

No, we just implemented it into Treepl, it was fairly easy.
We bought this one - for that price it is WAY cheaper for us instead of doing it from scratch.

Let me know if you end up going that way and need any kind of help with the implementation :slight_smile:
It is quite easy to change color scheme, logos etc.


@Peter-Schmidt that’s really excellent!! Thanks for the link. At only US $16, I don’t see how I could go past that price!

@Peter-Schmidt I am looking to implement this map on a clients website. Do you have an estimate of how long it took you to implement?

@SiroccoDigital - I don’t recall it being that difficult, I guess it took a couple of hours. Let me know if you move forward with this, I can send you my files/templates so you have something to work from :slight_smile:

Hi @Peter-Schmidt that would be great cause we have the go ahead to integrate this functionality!

Sure @SiroccoDigital - I will send it to you on Slack :slight_smile: