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Looking to edit the Sign In form on the Familyrtc.or foster community page. I’m looking to edit what the program does with the user input but I’m having trouble finding it.

Here’s the code for the form in question.

Here’s snap of the form on the front end. You won’t be able to see this on the live site unless you register using the form and are assigned to the Secure Area.

Redirected page looks like this:

Thank you for help in locating how to edit fuction.

Hi @Daun_Jacobsen
Sorry, it’s not clear what you are wanting to achieve here. Could you clarify please?
Are you trying to change the page the form redirects to, or how to display info captured from the form on the landing page?

Hi Adam,
Thank you for your help.
We are having intermittent issues with the form redirecting to a Forbidden Page. Not sure what is causing the issues. It’s been hard to consistently replicate.

The client’s internal team has asked if they can:
Trying to change the page the form redirects to. Right now there’s an error where even if the user logins correctly it displays a Forbidden page. I wanted to see if I could fix it. If I could have access to the code somehow that would be really awesome.

@Daun_Jacobsen You are getting a forbidden (403) error because the login failed. You can also get a forbidden message if you have more than one secure zone and they try to access a page that is not part of the zone they are logged into.

I actually add a redirect to the login form

<input type="hidden" name="redirectURL" value="/page-name-here">

Then make sure you add a message and the login form to the 401 system page. That way when the login fails because of wrong info it will ask them to try again.

I then change the 403 System page to say something like “Correct Login Access Required” with the login form again.

Not adding the redirect to the form as I do triggers the 403 system page. But my way I can add different messages for different cases.

I would also update the form to ReCaptcha V3.

There may be a different way. If so Adam will let us know. :slight_smile:

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