Form/CRM fullName

Anyone know if Treepl forms accept modified ‘FirstName’ field to ‘FullName’ (like BC does) and split the value to populate first/last in CRM?

Pretty sure there is no built-in function for this.
You’d probably need to implement some JS to split a dummy ‘full name’ field into hidden ‘firstname’ and ‘lastname’ fields.

So far I’ve just been changing all my forms back to first name/last name fields rather than one full name field. I think it’s better UI, probably better for auto-fill and better for data collection IMO :slight_smile:

I’m with you @Adam.Wilson I found it difficult to reliably split names into first name/last name fields. As one of my co-dev’s pointed out, what if Billy Bob Thornton filled out the form. I’ve just been using the two fields for now unless a client/design specifically requires it. I guess a built in function would have the same issue though.

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Totally agree regarding reliability. But found the option useful for compact signup forms where firstname/email is the only data being used.

In Treepl First name and Last name are not required so you can still just have First name only if that’s suitable.