Forms not processing

I am having ongoing issues with Webforms.

The first time we try to submit any form on Safari 13.0.2 it goes through to an error about the Recaptcha 3 field but then if you go back and submit the form a second time it processes.

I am also having clients contact me about forms that their customers are saying they are submitting but they are never receiving them.

Sometimes when we test forms in Firefox, Chrome and Safari we find they go through to the ‘thank you’ page but then no autoresponder is received and the form is not processed into the CRM.

We just can’t quite work out what is causing this as sometimes these work and sometimes they don’t and there isn’t any consistency on when they do or don’t.

Anyone else having these types of intermittent issues?

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I think investigating and resolving these kind of issues should be a number 1 priority. Because if forms are unreliable, business is at stake. If one client misses one important lead because of that I’, not gonna hear the end of it. Especially if there’s no consistent error scheme. :frowning:

@TimL I agree. We have contacted support about the Safari issue but have not had any resolution and this has been going on for months. Now that I have customers contacting me about this it needs to be a priority to fix as form reliability is paramount.

We think that the problem may be in the implementation of the “Thank you” page.
Try using this code, it will help to see what the problem is, and whether the form has been submitted.
For our part, we will check the presence of this code on all our templates, and if it is missing somewhere, we will fix it.
{% if formSubmissionData.error >= 1 %}
{% else %}
<h1>Thank you for your submission,</h1>
{% endif %}

@Michael I will add this to the form thank you pages and see what messaging we are getting.

So on testing, we are getting the error “Recaptcha validation not passed” in Chrome and Safari. As mentioned if you then go ‘back’ and submit the form a second time (without changing any of the form field data) it seems to go through.

The problem is that most customers see it goes through to a different page and they just assume that the form has gone through when in fact it hasn’t.

This recaptcha 3 issue seems to be causing issues across all of our sites.

Hi @SiroccoDigital
Can you send a link to the page where the form is located?

We seem to have discovered the same problem with forms that appear to be going through ok and landing on the successful submission page, but the data is not reaching the CRM on activating the response email to the user. It doesn’t always happen, but it is happening. How do we resolve this as each form submission can be worth thousands to the client? @SiroccoDigital was support able to resolve this issue for you?

We were supplied with a new script to replace for recaptcha3 which seems to have fixed the problem from what we can see. I can send this to you, just let me know the best email address.

@SiroccoDigital can you please email me the script as well. Thanks.

No problem! I will send it now.

@SiroccoDigital yes, can you please email me the script as well and any other provided to help install. Thanks so much – you can email to

Thanks Katherine! Just got the email.

The reCAPTCHA v3 validation issue occurs if you do not submit form within 2 minutes after the page was loaded.
We have already replaced default script that is generated by the form template builder for the upcoming sprint release.
But if you want to apply new reCAPTCHA v3 verification code - just replace the one in you form ( by the following code (it will validate a user when she/he hits submit button instead of validating him/her when the page is loaded):

<script>grecaptcha.ready(function() {var theForm = document.querySelector('.g-recaptcha-response-v3-{{this.Alias}}').closest('form');if(theForm != null){var allowRecaptchaExecution = true;var submitCounter = 0;theForm.onsubmit = function(){if(allowRecaptchaExecution){submitCounter++;allowRecaptchaExecution = false;executeRecaptcha(function(){theForm.submit();});return false;}else if(submitCounter > 0){submitCounter++;}if(submitCounter > 1){alert('Form submission is in progress.');return false;}}}else{executeRecaptcha();} function executeRecaptcha(callback){ grecaptcha.execute('6Ld5QIoUAAAAAKznGOlK7z6mgqJ8ajRUc3CK5M17', { action: 'general_form_{{this.Alias | replace: "-","_"}}'}).then(function(token){document.querySelector('.g-recaptcha-response-v3-{{this.Alias}}').value = token;if(callback){callback();}});}});</script>

Thanks @vlad.z is there still a timelimit on the form with the script update? i.e. is it now open, or is it 10 minutes, or?

Thanks @vlad.z. When the release is done, will that update all existing sites using v3 or should we manually update existing sites?

Thanks @vlad.z the new script seems to be fine for not timing out the form, however now the date picker field is not passing through any data into the CRM or results page if you use that as a field on the form.

@JFK, what do you mean by ‘calendar field’?
Do you have a date picker implemented on a text field?

It should not be any time limit any more since validation action is triggered only on hitting submit button.

All new forms will generate default layout with the new updated code.
Unfortunately all already created and customized forms will not be upgraded automatically. Unless you hit restore to default button and click save form layout.