Forwarding domains to www - is this actually still recommanded?

Hey guys, in BC it was kind of a standard to forward all domains to www.mydomain.tld (as recommanded by BC). In Treepl we have to set this up with the help of the support team. My question is, how much sense does this make in terms of SEO - for migrated sites (who had this setting before in BC) and/or new sites. And is it a difference if the canonical url is with or without www?
What would be best practice here or how do you deal with this?

@TimL you can choose either with or without the www as default, but whichever you choose you need to ensure the other is setup as a forward to your default url or you will get mixed urls in search results and canonical issues. I would recommend that whatever was the default url in BC is setup as the default url in Treepl and that Analytics and Search Console also track that same default url. Keep it absolutely consistent across all your assets to ensure that you have clean search results and tracking.

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Dumb question probably, but this www fwd has to be done in the DNS settings (outside of Treepl), right?

@craigwhitlock if you email Treepl support they can put this in place for you. Just confirm which version of the domain needs to be setup as the forward.

Ok, thank you.

I just went live with another site a bit ago. I took a screenshot of the step because I was a little confused by the wording “Use www subdomain”. I did select it again, as I have for all previous sites. I’ve then added “A records” for www and without for the domain’s DNS settings. Is this something I should be doing differently? Or, continue to do it this way and then contact support each time. I’d love to do it “right” the first time and avoid add’l changes if possible.

Note - I also just saw this for the first time in Google Search Console (see screenshot). I wonder if Google is finally making this easier?

I’m a graphic artist, and absolutely struggle with this Search Console/Analytics stuff, but I always want to be able to provide at least the minimum to help my clients get started.

I believe this is part of the A record and https setup but does not create the domain name ‘forward’. This needs to be done manually by Treepl support.

Thanks a lot! So how are you and the other partners doing it? Are you using www. and let the Treepl team set the forward to either one of the versions manually? Or are you just not using www. at all with your projects? The latter one is probably difficult as lots of users are still somehow used to enter www.domainname.tld instead of domainname.tld.
So I guess we should really always let the team set up the forward. I wonder if partners are doing that as it’s not really documented @Adam.Wilson? And what about the workload for the support team @alex.n?

@TimL I am keeping the same default url that we used on BC which most of the time was www. and emailing support as soon as the site goes live to ask them to put the forward in from non-www to www.

Yeah @TimL , I do the same. Always redirect to www.
But this is subjective and just based on how you want it set up (unless it’s a migration, in which you’d keep it the same like @SiroccoDigital said).

In terms of documentation, this whole process was in flux and I think there are still plans to build these options into the UI, so the docs are a little outdated/pending changes.