FTP Connection errors

Can anyone help with FTP connection in dream weaver:
An FTP error occerred - cannot connect to host . User limit reached or not authorised to make conneection due to local firewall blocking FTP data.

Hi @AJ1971

I don’t use Dreamweaver so I can only suggest:

  1. to double-check your FTP settings as per here: https://docs.treepl.co/site-settings-and-management/ftp-access
  2. check your firewall and internet security settings (or temporarily disable them) and see if that helps.
  3. test in another FTP client to see if it’s a Dreamweaver issue or a local connection or Treepl FTP issue.

Thanks Adam , followed the settings outlined all the way along, i checked firewall and have made sure the blocked Dreamweaver 21 was allowed but am still getting the same error.

@adam, does the site need to be active to connect? or should i be able to connect regardless?

NOw am getting cannot connect as my user name and password are not corect?? but are correct

completely reset my treepl password online , connected 1st time.

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