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I’m wondering if anyone has clients making heavy use of photo galleries on their sites and what your thoughts are about the current Galleries/Sliders built-in feature in Treepl CMS? I have several clients that are making heavy use of the galleries (for example: and

The Galleries/Slider feature in Treepl CMS just seems a bit lean feature-wise and is challenging for my clients (and me) when it comes to creating new galleries. I had the Treepl CMS create a custom module to display images from a gallery by uploading a full directory of images, but even that seems to be a bit clunky. It will work, for sure, and the team did a great job and exactly what I asked for. However, I just feel like there has to be a better way to allow clients to do more gallery creation on their own by dragging/dropping directories, sorting order, etc. Is it just me? Maybe a backlog item?

I always feel like I just come on here to request features and I know the Treepl team is really working hard, so I hate to sound like I’m only here to complain. I am just more curious on how many of you use the galleries, how many of your clients use the galleries and what the general feedback is on functionality, ease-of-use, etc.?

Thank you!

  • Ryan

Hi Ryan,

I always use Adam/John’s gallery code for simple galleries -

Easy for clients to update - I actually cannot work out how the slides/galleries module works at all!


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That’s how the Treepl Team did the American Office Services project. It turned out great, I just wish there were more built-in photo gallery tools/features like the ability to do basic edits to photos like cropping, resizing, sorting, etc. I know it can all be done with a Custom Module, even via spreadsheet and weighting values, but I think a lot of clients would love the ability to edit/crop/size and maybe even basic color adjustments, contrast, ability to convert black and white, etc. maybe this is an enormous ask - but something to consider for ‘future Treepl CMS’. I know priority #1 is to match and improve Adobe BC features, but I’d love to see this platform far exceed Adobe BC (and other CMS platforms). I’m a Treepl lifer at this point, so I’m hoping this platform continues to grow and knock the others out of the water :wink:

IMHO and I know that I’m not alone here, core modules like galleries and events need refinement. I’m sure, once the plattform is fully BC compatible, the team will focus on this and more. When @alex presented Action Panel, aka the draft for the Treepl CMS admin, on one of the now legendary BC sandpile meetings 2,5 years ago, there were some interesting things included, e.g. a drag&drop upload feature for galleries and a better ui for events + more features. Once the heavy lifting is done with the CMS, I’m sure there will be more ressources to come back to that.


Hey Ryan, we have a few clients that use these extensively and both end users and I feel the galleries/sliders are clunky to use, I agree that it could do with some refinement, I guess it’s just a matter of resources now, there are other features we need before we make things all fancy and flash. For now, it functions, in the future I hope it will function and be pretty :wink:

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