GDPR, accept or decline Google Analytics cookies/all cookies

I have a client wanting to implement an “Accept”/“Decline” button on their cookie consent notification. I haven’t done this before. Does anybody have experience allowing Google Analytics cookies to load after a user clicks an accept button.

I found some article on switching to Google Tag Manager and having the cookies load only after an event. I don’t have access to the Google Analytics account.

Any help appreciated.

Hi @Alex_B_Centrifuge - We are under relatively strict rules here in Europe and to cover our clients we use this solution:

It is really easy to install and the user of the website can control specifically which cookies they will allow etc. That might solve your problem in an easy way.

Since there are so many laws in the EU regarding GDPR etc. we needed to have a solution that was updated when laws change etc. so we went with this :slight_smile:

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Cookie control is actually on the white paper I did last year about necessary GDPR features for Treepl. I’m not sure if this is even on the roadmap any more. So we are using as they are free for sites with less than 100 pages. With this users can control cookies and there’s also a script to be put on the privacy page. It also integrates with Google Tag Manager. That being said, for clients with more than 99 pages, you can also check out There’s no free account, but prices are following the number of sessions rather than the number of pages.

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Thank you @Peter-Schmidt and @TimL . I ended up using for the free account as this site has under 100 pages. It was very easy to setup and met my client’s legal team’s requirements.

Great to hear @Alex_B_Centrifuge - I will check out that one as well for some of our sites :slight_smile: