Generate a site map

Does anyone know how to generate a sitemap in Treepl. I’ve attempted 2 tools that crawl the site and create an xml sitemap but neither can find anything.

Have you tried the built-in sitemap functionality?
Here are some Docs relating to it:

Then go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Sitemap’ in the admin to generate and check the .xml

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Do you want a nicely formatted sitemap or the XML file? I wanted both. The built-in sitemap functionality is great for building the XML file but didn’t produce the nicely formatted sitemap page I wanted.

I ended up coding a page that outputs the sitemap formatted the way I want (no templates - just formatted code). I copy the source code from the generated page into a snippet. The published sitemap page uses the snippet to render a nicely formatted sitemap. The website is fairly static now but does have 500+ pages. I opted to generate the code & copy it into a snippet to render the page because it was so much faster than letting Treepl render the formatted sitemap directly.

Treepl is still much slower (4 times as long) than the method I’m using even after all the performance upgrades. A smaller site mightn’t have the performance hit rendering the custom sitemap directly.

So it really depends on what you want & how much effort you want to invest.


Thanks Peter - I just needed the XML. Turns out I missed the box to show pages to search engines… still finding out new things I missed. All sorted now. I used the Treepl version.

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