Global search in Treepl Admin

It would be great to have a global search feature in Treepl so you can find the page, snippet or whatever it may be that you are looking for. We use snippets a lot and this is my process for hunting down where to make the CMS change - for example I need to change button text.

  1. Go to the page where I want to make the change. Try to find the button text on the page and if I can’t then it must be in a snippet or elsewhere.

  2. Copy all the snippets to notepad and then start the task of going through them to try and find that button text. Most of the time you can narrow it down if the snippet is called something useful.

If we had a global search then I can just type the button text into that search field and just like magic, it would tell me exactly where to make the change.

Full disclosure I’m a back end developer so maybe what I am doing to try to find where to make the change is completely wrong.

Hey @Sam, welcome to the Treepl forum :slight_smile:.
In general I like the idea of a more powerfull search function in the admin, the question is though if a search which indexes really everything is really that usefull as you get tons of results depending on the search term. I would like to be able to exclude certain things or limit the search to certain assets.

That being said, in your particular case (changing the text on a button in a place which could be a page, a template or a snippet or even an include) using the Onscreen Editor (doesn’t work on includes though, I think) would be one thing coming to my mind. Another approach I do when I have to search for assets on a very loaded site is using FTP to download the site and then use search on my machine to find the asset I’m looking for.
Maybe that speeds things up for you a little for now …

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