Going live - ARecord

My site is currently sitting in limbo between Trial and Live.
The DNS updates seem to have propagated but the site is not yet loading. (No SSL certificate and lands on a 404 Not Found.)
I’d like to check the ARecord address that Treepl gave me during activation to double check I entered it correctly in my DNS, but I cant find a way to see the address in the treepl Portal or the site’s Admin.
Is there a way to see this Server Address for ARecord whilst in this “limbo” state?

Hi @Reagan_Vautier
If you do a DNS lookup on your trial site domain, I think it should report the IP that will be used.
You can use a tool like this:

Thanks Adam that works.

So I can now confirm that my DNS ARECORD for my activated (but not yet live and hanging in limbo) site and the Trial site are both the same address.
If this is the case, is my site waiting on action from Treepl to make it properly live, or have I missed something?
This went smoothly last time I made a site live.
FYI: sites in question: https://greatsightsauto.trialsite.co and https://www.greatsights.com.au/ and I used https://dnschecker.org to check them.

Not sure @Reagan_Vautier sorry. Might need to submit a ticket to support or try pinging @alex.n in slack if it’s urgent.

I hope your site is live by now, but for future reference: if you use a tool like https://www.whatsmydns.net/ and you see that your new IP that you set your A record to has fully propagated internationally, then it shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes for the server to recognize that the domain is pointed to it. At that point there is an automated process that completes the server setup and issues the SSL cert. If it is fully propagated and it’s been half an hour, I suggest you submit a support ticked. @alex.n and his team are very responsive and historically have made the site live very quickly after I reached out to them.

Note, for ‘reasons’ sometimes it will take longer or less time to propagate new DNS settings, which have to do with TTL and who the DNS provider is. But once it’s propagated it should go live quite quickly. The server needs to detect that the domain name is pointing to it before the automated processes kick in.