Going Live with a .ca / .org domain extension

Some important things to know about going live with a .ca or .org domain extension.

If going to from BC to Treepl, in my experience it is best to move all records (nameservers) back to the Domain Host before starting the Treepl Go Live Process. This allows for the VERY SLOW .ca and .org domain extensions to propagate.

Reason I do this is because Treepl requires you to add 2 TXT records when activating a site. If you are updating A-Records at the same time, the TXT records seem to renew like 5-6 times as it is waiting for DNS propagation.

So moving all Zone files back to the domain register (i.e. if you had nameservers set up using BC nameservers), is the quickest way to get your TreeplCMS site activated.

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Thanks Aaron, Great little tip for us Canucks! Scott

Thanks for the tip @A3cs