Google Analytics 4 setup

Setting up a new site and the Analytics has changed. Looks like tracking ID is now called Measurement ID but I am no finding the View ID. I have tried the Stream ID and the Property ID but it doesn’t look like either are correct. Any direction would be much appreciated.

Maybe this helps, havn’t tried it myself though:

Exactly @TimL - Couldn’t find it either, but @Alex_B_Centrifuge figured it out and @Adam.Wilson will add it to the documentation :slight_smile:

EDIT: Now updated thanks to @Adam.Wilson :muscle: (GA4 Accounts)

I got it to work. I did find out that any time you make a change to the Analytics setup page in Treepl admin you have to upload the Service Key File again. it doesn’t save it.

Good point @Rhatch. I’ll make a note of that in the Docs.