Google Analytics 4 setup

Setting up a new site and the Analytics has changed. Looks like tracking ID is now called Measurement ID but I am no finding the View ID. I have tried the Stream ID and the Property ID but it doesn’t look like either are correct. Any direction would be much appreciated.

Maybe this helps, havn’t tried it myself though:

Exactly @TimL - Couldn’t find it either, but @Alex_B_Centrifuge figured it out and @Adam.Wilson will add it to the documentation :slight_smile:

EDIT: Now updated thanks to @Adam.Wilson :muscle: (GA4 Accounts)

I got it to work. I did find out that any time you make a change to the Analytics setup page in Treepl admin you have to upload the Service Key File again. it doesn’t save it.

Good point @Rhatch. I’ll make a note of that in the Docs.

I wasted way too much time on this eyesore analytics can we just turn it off?

What do you mean @luke? :slight_smile:

I can’t get it to work. Getting the Data column(s) for axis #0 cannot be of type string×

That’s not my only problem.
I see too many platforms with collections (custom modules) that are not platform extras they are features. I’m not sure why Treepl does not include these on all plans.

I also see many platforms with really nice UI / UX, and I think Treepl is lacking with this heavly.
You create a custom module, and the elements are all over the place. Check out the CRM, and it’s just a cluttered display. Anything with 5 or more elements on the screen is just chaos.

Even though I hate no-code web builders like webflow and this new one I discovered Dorik, these platforms have done so well because they are so enjoyable to use. I love Treepl for the community and the platform, but it’s not enough to put money down and become a partner.

I also understand partners will get priority over what I suggest to be changed but I still think little changes will bring more users to the community by keeping the initial platform up-to-date rather than adding much larger enterprise features.

All this is just my opinion, and it’s not my intention to upset anyone.
I’m on the fence about learning a different platform or sticking around and was hoping to get others’ opinions to see if it’s just me doing all the complaining.

@luke - Regarding the Google Analytics, you should be able to get this to work if you follow the docs. Especially pay attention to the setting up “advanced” option so you have both the new GA4 and the old “UA”. (Set Up Analytics)

I am sure you can get it to work. We have working analytics on all of our sites (+70), but I refer to the docs every time I set up a new site anyways to be sure not to miss a step :slight_smile:

Regarding all your other problems I am not quite sure how to “help”. Generally we really like the way Treepl is moving. I think all partners, big or small, will feel that some things that they don’t need, are getting prioritized. As an example the new Onscreen editor, Treepl did a MASSIVE job on this and it is a REALLY cool feature for our clients and a great selling point. Most of our clients doesn’t ever see the admin and we do all maintenance, so it is really not a feature that we get to use, but I am positive since I am sure this will bring more clients to other partners.

Other times there will be something in the sprint that we just LOVE and other partners will never use. We are just very different as partners and businesses, so I guess this will always be the case.

I agree with you that the UI/UX could be more exiting and it seems like this is a big deal to you. For us, since I clients rarely go there it is not our first priority. I think it is fine and feels familiar from BC (which I feel is good for partners in the “beginning”). And I still think it is a massive improvement from BC.

I am not quite sure what features/custom modules you feel that are extra and are not included in Treepl, but are included in other platforms.

My general opinion is that Treepl is VERY cheap (As BC was as well) compared to what you get and other platforms out there, and I fully understand that big features like for example Backup can not just be included for free in existing packages since the storage will cost Treepl money + all of the development that goes in to it.

I know that “everything” was included on BC, but to be fair we didn’t really get any big improvements for years. With Treepl we have seen massive features in a lot of sprints, and new thing are coming regularly. With BC we saw maybe a bug-fix a year and in general nobody listened to the wishes the partners had.

I am curious to which platforms you have found that have all the “extra features” included to a similar, or cheaper price than Treepl.

Am I just another Treepl Fanboy? Oh yeah, for sure :slight_smile: They more or less saved our business when we were DEEP in the shit with +120 pages we needed to migrate.

That being said I have no problem being critical and speaking about in which direction I would like the platform to move, but in general I really feel that we are on a really good path and the “problems” that you are seeing can be solved in time.

I am 100% sure that you will be able to find other platforms where you will like the UI/UX better but then I am quite sure you will find other things that will bother you.

That being said of course Treepl is not the answer for all partners, there are a lot of great platforms out there and I hope you find the right fit for you :slight_smile:


This also happens if you have adblocker on. Not sure if you have tried disabling extensions, but that may help :slight_smile:

Question: Willing UA Analytics properties remain as an advanced option after July of next year?

Hi @CmonGo,

We suppose GA 4 will be the only option after July given that Google stops supporting the legacy one.