GoShippo Integration Anyone?

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I hope everyone is doing well and remains healthy! I had a request from a client for integration with Treepl CMS and a shipping platform that I’m unfamiliar with called ‘GoShippo’ (https://goshippo.com/). Has anyone had any experience with the platform and/or tied it in with any of your eCommerce sites? I know Treepl CMS eCommerce is in its infancy (relatively speaking) and the team has been killing it to release new features, so I’m sure this won’t shoot to the top of the priority list. However, I’m wondering if there would be enough demand to add it to the backlog for voting? I’m going to look into GoShippo in more detail over the next few days to learn as much about it as I can. I’m not sure if integration would require API development, which is out of my wheelhouse, or if it’s something that can be possibly tied in without the requirement for heavy-duty coding and/or API development. I’m just curious if anyone else could benefit from an integration like this and wanted to know the best practice of adding a one-off request to the backlog if it’s not a high-demand feature.

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  • Ryan

Hi Ryan

Never heard of it, but just wanted to say that everything can be added for voting in the backlog. So when you figure out the details and have some more info for the request, please let me know and I will add it :+1:

Thanks @Peter-Schmidt. Coincidentally I now have two clients that want to use Shippo. I looked over their website and they integrate with over 50 most popular platforms (i.e. WooCommerce, Shopify, Square, Magento, Wix, BigCommerce, etc.). Unfortunately it makes Treepl CMS look like it’s not a big player, so my clients requesting this feature are questioning the move to Treepl CMS. In my defense, this integration requirement was not discussed when we considered migration options. However, it has me in a tough spot to defend Treepl CMS. Shippo does have an open API - I wish I knew more about API development because I’d volunteer help, but I don’t know API development at all. Any recommendations on what to do about this are greatly appreciated. I know it’s a selfish ask if I’m the only one that needs the feature added, but this is a really good client of mine who is running 3 sites on Treepl CMS per my recommendation. eCommerce was not discussed in detail during our discussions because it wasn’t a primary focus for them until the pandemic. Now that they are at a fraction of in-store sales, eCommerce has become a primary focus for them. I realize this isn’t the fault of anyone because who could have predicted this dramatic shift in business focus. I think the thing that is making it really hard to throw Treepl’s hat in the ring is because it integrates with so many leading platforms already. Any ideas?

Sorry, I forgot to add:

It does look like they can import a CSV file to fulfill orders for now, but the issue is what to charge the customer for shipping since Treepl CMS can’t pull shipping prices from Shippo automatically at the moment. I am going to reach out to Shippo’s support to see if they offer any type of API development and/or to see if they might partner with Treepl CMS. Honestly, I don’t know anything about API development, but I’m guessing they can’t do the API work on Treepl without working with the developers at Treepl? And in order for that to happen, it first has to be added to the backlog and get voted up. Since it seems I’m the only one requesting the feature, I’m concerned that integration with Shippo may get back-burnered for a while.

@StudioRTP, the latest release (v5.5) brought multiple shipping providers. Perhaps these will suffice until further integrations are considered?

What specific feature of Shippo is your client after that is different to using one or more of the current shipping providers, being:

  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • Canada Post
  • Australia Post
  • New Zealand Post

@Adam.Wilson - thanks for getting back to me here. I will do some more digging to find out why they are choosing Shippo over direct integration with an existing provider. I think it’s because Shippo offers discounted pricing over their regular account pricing. Again, I think. I may be wrong here. We were supposed to have a call to discuss today, but they decided to wait until next week because I’m heading out of town tomorrow. I will find out what it is about Shippo that they are really looking for and why the existing integrations won’t work. Who knows, maybe it will work and they don’t need Shippo at all, but my guess is that it offers some benefit or else Shippo wouldn’t integrate with all of the other platforms that also offer built-in integrated shipping. I’ll post back as soon as I have more details/information, but thank you as always for keeping these requests on your radar!

Hi @StudioRTP
It looks a lot like a system we use that is called shipmondo.

I have done a simple integration of there API into an ecommerce site of ours.
It was fairly easy to setup even though I don’t have much experience with APIs.

So shipmondo works like so:

  1. User enters address and a call is made to Shipmondo that returns the nearest pick-up point (typically supermarkets, gas stations etc.)

  2. The user selects where they want to pick up there package

  3. They submit the checkout form and at the checkout success page it sends the data to shipmondo which then automatically makes the shipping label

Other use case is if the user wants the package delivered at their home. They just enter there home address and the following steps are the same with label etc. This is just a bit more expensive for the user, so in our experience most pick the cheaper option where they go and collect the package :slight_smile:

Further to that if they pick the more expensive home-delivery and they are not home at the time of the delivery, they need to go to the pick up point anyways :slight_smile:

/* Long explanation over */ :smiley:

Just a liiiittle more info :slight_smile:

· I see they have a Zapier integration, so maybe when we get this on Treepl you can do it that way.
· If you are pressed for time maybe contact the Treepl team and get a quote for them to do it “instantly”. We did that with a payment gateway that we needed :slight_smile:

@Peter-Schmidt how do you get the shipmondo response to adjust the shipping price in the cart? or does the user pay later for this?

@Adam.Wilson - Yeah thats “easy” because I don’t :slight_smile:
It is so fortunate that it is a fixed price for both home delivery and pickup point.

So I have two different prices that they choose from, and if they choose pick up point they will in the next step be presented with the dropdown to select pick up points after they have entered their address. Shipmondo will return the 10 closest pick up points relevant to their address :slight_smile:

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