Has any one see this error? - A token was not passed


Payment was failed! Error - A token may not be passed in as a PaymentMethod. Instead, create a PaymentMethod or convert your token to a PaymentMethod by setting the card[token] parameter to tok_########Token Number####.

Yes, it happened to me yesterday and I’m madly trying to get all payment forms (35 of them) working again. Not happy. I’ve just created support ticket.

Yesterday, to try to solve this problem, I enabled Advance Payment Flow. I then had to reset the code of each form on the form’s Edit Layout tab. However, on each page with one of the webforms, where the form should have been was the error message: Liquid error: Module item not found. I found that enabling Advance Payment Flow assigned SingleItem as the Type for each of my payment webforms. By changing the Type to Generic, the forms then appeared. So I think I’ve now fixed the problem, but I’m going to do more testing and continue to monitor it.

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Hi @Mason, @hopestew, this is a bug and we will fix it next week. But in the future, all sites will be upgraded to Advanced Payment Flow, and we recommend you upgrade your sites as described in this article https://docs.treepl.co/extras/migrating-to-advanced-payment-flow