Has anybody had "Switching to WYSIWYG may corrupt some of your data. Confirm?" actually happen?

Is this warning necessary? Has anybody reported or experienced data being corrupted by switching to WYSIWYG. I think this is an alarming way of saying something that should not be so alarming. If sometimes data is corrupted, perhaps we could come up with a gentler way of informing users. For clients who have recently converted over it seems like an error or a bug.

If this warning is necessary, I’m not sure I have the best language for this but something along the lines of "Saving in WYSIWYG mode may alter… " I’m not sure what it will alter. “Saving in WYSIWYG mode may change page appearance. Proceed?”

I’m sure somebody in the community has a better way of saying this. Any suggestions?


Totally agree - have never seen any problems/errors, so it do seem a bit too much with this warning. For me personally I would rather it was not there at all and IF anything where to happen at some point I would just explain it to the client. But if it is left there it would be great with a less alarming text as mentioned :slight_smile:

– In general it is just annoying :slight_smile: