Has anyone use the content Banner Module?

I have a simple site and I want to use the banner content module from within Treepl. It looks like I only have a description box to add content. I was expecting a background image field and the ability to create custom fields.

Has anyone used the banner module. Documentation says it replaces the BC ad rotator but it looks like it only delivers text. Is this right?

The Banner module is a basic module allowing the creation of groups and items within those groups.
The Code/WYSIWYG content area allows any code, not just text though.
You can’t extend this module with custom fields unless on a PRO plan or above. Or you can use a BUSINESS plan and just create a Custom Module.

If it’s just an image field you require, you could consider using the Image field in the OpenGraph settings under the SEO tab for each banner item.

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THanks Adam - thanks for the tip on the image field.