Header Security?

Should we be worried about security headers in Treepl?

We’ve recently had scammers threatening to publish our “security weaknesses” unless we pay them money. It just looks like a scam.

However, when testing a Treepl site using securityheaders.com it does comes up with some red flags.
I have crossed referenced by testing some big name sites and they don’t seem to trip the same /or at least all the red flags that our Treepl site trips.

See attached.


@ReaganVautier in the site Admin under Settings > Headers toy will find these settings. I don’t see and documentation yet in the Treepl Doc but in the Potral > Public Backlog > Delivered > v 6.8 you will find the release notes on this.

Be careful and test the site as you adjust these so you done break any thing.

Some are very simple it’s more of an on or off but others are not.

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awesome, thank you :+1: