How to add Favorite option for Custom Module Items?

Do we have the option to mark any Custom Module Item as Favorite, similar to “Add to Favorite” option in BC? Let me know.

There is no current ‘Add to Favorites’ option, but it could be custom built using user-submitted Custom Modules - so when a logged in user clicks the ‘add to fav’ button it submits a form adding their ID to the item in question perhaps, and then you can list all items that have that users ID - so you can present the user with their fav items. Likewise, a similar process to remove their ID when removing the item from their favs.

Thanks. I will try this option. I hope this feature will be added in future updates.

It doesn’t appear to be in the public backlog so perhaps you’d like to write it up as a feature request in the #public-backlog category for further discussion.