How to Display Custom Form Fields to Display in Form Autoresponder Email?

How folks, I tried to follow some guides on the form for displaying custom form field on autoresponder email for a form, but I’m not having luck to display it.

I am trying to use the following script below to display the custom date field on a form called “AppointmentDate” and another custom field called "AppointmentTime:


But it is not outputting the date field on the autoresponder email I receive and I was trying to follow this syntax:

{{ this.formSubmissionData.Fields.Custom.[custom field name].Value }}

The first name field however still works, using the system tag:


Can someone help me out and maybe I am missing something to display custom form fields I created for my form’s autoresponder email?

Thanks in advance!

Nevermind, the custom fields are now displaying within the autoresponse email, there was just a delay from my test submissions and can now see the Appointment Date and Time custom fields rendered out within the email.

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When I don’t remember the “paths” I often use {{liquidContext}} to see all the possibilities. Has saved me a lot of time :slight_smile:

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