How to get Google maps API to work!?

Please can anyone shed any light on why I can not get Google Maps to show on this page Russell Whitlock Accountancy - Tel 01865 481625 | Contact Us

Website is based on the TREEPL Max template. I have added the new API key to the website settings panel.

And have followed the trouble shooting on Google, but I am still unable to get the map to show and cant work out what I have missed or if this is a bug in the system.

I have a valid credit card linked to the Google account and generated a new API key yesterday

API key = AIzaSyCEy6cPItHlpyeCv9Sn2PWVUh2Z8OrLEzM

I have set the following Google API resrictions:***

Hi @Dawn
The key appears to be missing from the script reference on that page:


Thanks Adam

I replaced the liquid output tag {{siteinformation.site_settings.api_key}} with the actual API key and that seemed to do the trick.
thank you so much for your help Adam.