iCal Feed URL for events

I have created calendar links so users can add events to their calendars. What I want to do is create an iCal/ICS feed URL for the Events module or a Custom module. I want to be about to create a calendar feed they can subscribe to and auto-updates. I have found a lot of info but nothing I have been able to use. Has anyone been able to make this happen? Can you point me to a good resource?

This should be achievable after next week following deployment of Treepl v6.6 (scheduled to rollout 11 May). Coming with this update is the release of “Treepl<=>Zapier” integration: https://treepl.co/public-backlog-state/in-process/zappier-integration. Zapier connects with over 4000 systems/platforms including a wide range of calendar apps: https://zapier.com/apps/categories/calendar. I cannot advise the best way to achieve your specific need. But there will likely be many ways to achieve something similar.