Ideas for tracking file downloads?

I’ve got the need to track file downloads. Is there a Treepl native way of doing this? It looks like I can do it with Google Analytics tag manager as a fallback, but it would be nice if there was some on CMS way of doing this. My first though is to submit a form when a file is downloaded and keep track of it that way. Any thoughts?

Submitting a form would be the only way I’d think as there is no statistical tracking on any module in Treepl as yet.
I would think GA is the way to go here, unless you need to show the tracking stats on the website.

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Is there a way to use both the Analytics API for treepl and the Tag Manager?

Hi @Erik.
Yes, you can add your own Google Tag Manager script by following these instructions:

You can also easily add event tracking to your Downloads if they are setup within a custom module and this would feed into GA. You could then also add this event tracking as a goal conversion.