Image Manager updated? When?

Please, please, please, can we make it easier to add images via the WYSIWYG editor? Can only add images into the “uploaded_images” folder when on a page. We can access folders to grab images, great, but only some file types of images load.

Trying to keep my clients organized with using proper file folders for images, but all that they can do when inserting images in is to put it in one, system-set folder.

I will keep saying this… please get all the little things updated, especially at the client side, before working on bigger items.

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Hi Aaron.
Images with jpg extension are not loaded at the moment. We will fix this in the current sprint.

What image extensions do you use?

How exactly do you want to add images via the WYSIWYG editor?

To organizing images with using folders you can use FTP, File Manager or File Manager widget.

Hi @Eugene,

  1. What image extensions do I use: .svg, .png, .jpeg, .jpg (I know there was also some talk about the new .webp format);

  2. I want to be able to add images like we add images using the Image Manager link in Custom Modules, but for the Image manager in the WYSIWYG, when you click on the folder icon, you have the ability to upload images from there. I would also suggest removing the upload box when you first open the image manager and only have the ability to link and folder options, and maybe some image editing options?

  3. To organize images using folders via FTP, yes, we are all very well aware of this, but come on!!! this post is relating to customers! Customers do not use FTP or even the File Manager, they want to use the WYSIWYG editor, and for it to be easy to use and organized!

Hi Aaron,

  1. In the current sprint we will add support for .svg and .webp images. All other extensions are already supported.

  2. We will add upload files via the image manager in the next sprint. @Peter-Schmidt please add this to the public backlog.

Hi @Eugene

Added here:
Let me know if it need further details.

Will the current sprint include bugfix of the image manager not displaying .jpg files, since you mentioned that all other extensions are supported? :slight_smile:

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Hi @Peter-Schmidt

Yes, this fix will be in the current sprint.