Image sizing using "?Action="

In the past I have used “?Action=” codes to resize images inside of Custom Modules ie. {{this[‘Image’]}}?Action=thumbnail&Width=108&Height=108&algorithm=fill_proportional

This doesn’t seem to work in Treepl. Does anyone know a work around for this type of script?

Hi @SiroccoDigital. Yep, Treepl have implemented ImageProcessor which has a lot more options:

For example, to convert you ‘Action’ code above would be:


Fantastic Adam. I didn’t see this in docs as I had searched for “?Action=” instead of Image Processor. Most appreciated.

A very good way to find out what the image processor is capable of is the insert image toolbox in the wysiwyg editor:
Just apply a modification and then check in code view what it does. There’s tons of more stuff, not only resizing :slight_smile:

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Good idea @TimL! I forgot that the WYSIWYG editor adds this code as I haven’t been using it. Will check it out.

No support for webp images yet?

Not to my knowledge. It’s still in the backlog:

This has become useless as most browsers load webp now, so unless you manually crop the image, it will just render at full size. How do little things like this get ignored?

What exactly are you referring to @luke ?
The ImageProcessor is still extremely useful and the backlog reference is for the support of Webp images in the ImageProcessor functionality - which also would be very useful.

Yes sorry the webp I’m referring to as it doesn’t work and most browsers support it and it’s been on backlog for many years now