Include domain in support ticket email

Somewhere on the support ticket email it would be great to include the domain for which it has been submitted.

@Eugene - Can you make a note of this? I guess this is not really for the public backlog, more for your “internal” backlog? :slight_smile: Let me know if I should do anything :slight_smile:

Yes, this does not apply to the public backlog. We will add it to the “internal” backlog and do it with one of the following portal releases.


Thanks @Eugene I think it will help keep support tickets organized on our end. It would also be nice if we could add a CC on support tickets, or just add an email. There are a few people on our team that might add support tickets, but because my email is the admin I get all the email notifications. Not high priority but something that would be nice to have.

(clears throat) And you know, while I’ve got this soapbox. :wink: It would be nice to have a visual indication of which items I’ve marked resolved in the treeple portal, and be able to sort by the resolved status. This would help me make sure I don’t leave any support tickets hanging without closing them.