Integrating animated Flip Book pdf viewer

My client wants to use flip book. They have a jquery plugin, but I can’t seem to get it to work.

The example page is loaded at

Any ideas? Anyone integrate another flip book successfully? I have successfully integrated FlipBuilder and FlipHTML5, but they don’t like the look of either of these.


Is it due to the HTML template file is missing?

I’ve always hated these things :slight_smile: but in the past I’ve used Issuu - which is more of a hosting platform for publications, but it does the flipbook thing nicely.

It looks like .html files cannot be called from any directory other than under /Content/Pages, so I’ve moved the .html files and updated the references to these. At least now I’m getting new errors. Ugh! I hate this kind of debugging.

Thanks for looking.

I got it working! I put all html files under /Content/Pages and put everything else in a folder at the root, and that worked.

Awesome, glad it’s now working!

My integrated flip books are live at