Is it possible to create folders via the file manager?

I don’t see the function anywhere, and I can’t seem to drag and drop a folder onto the file manager without getting an error. Amy I missing this or does this feature just not exist yet?

Hi @Alex_B_Centrifuge. Yes it’s possible. Do you see this option on your site:


Yes it’s there, right in front of my nose. Thank you @Adam.Wilson . Can’t believe I missed that… somehow.
I guess my brain just expected it to be in the context of the files and not the tree.

Yes, I agree. It would be more logical to be more in context of the current view, since that’s where it would apply.

Hi @Adam.Wilson @Alex_B_Centrifuge

Now we are changing the File Manager, and we plan to finish all changes in the next sprint.
About this button: some time ago it was located lower left (like on your screen).

We changed it to make a similar view of the whole system. In these future changes, we`ll make the ability to add a file or folder to that place, what you need. It should simplify the whole process.