Is there a way to limit product ordering based on zip codes?

Hello, we have a client that would like to limit customers from ordering or checking out based on their delivery service area, they have generated a list of cities with zip codes. They only want to be able to take online orders if they are within their delivery area (based on zip codes).

I have looked into the settings, and it looks like orders/products can be limited by country or catalogs, but I’m not sure there’s way through Treepl to limit orders based on zip codes or cities? Has anyone done something similar that limits customers from ordering by zip code?

My alternate solution was to maybe setup the order form with the shipping city and zip codes to be a manual dropdown and only include the available cities and zip codes to be in the list.

This cannot be done out-of-the-box, but your solution would be one way of achieving it.
But to avoid the user getting to the checkout stage before potentially realising they are out of zone, I’d probably try to prompt them for their city/postcode beforehand and store that data in a cookie which auto-fills (and locks) the shipping/checkout fields to that location.

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Thanks @Adam.Wilson, that’s actually a great solution to prevent those outside the delivery area from being able to go through the unnecessary steps.