Mailing Lists and Campaigns

Hi all

I’m currently a manager of my clients mailchimp account and they want to start setting up some campaigns. They have a mailing list in mailchimp but nothing really in Treepl.

Whats the best way to get this going?
I’ve already spent a lot of time setting up some templates in mailchimp.

I just tried setting up a mailing list in Treepl but I get this:

One or more errors occurred. (Title: User action not permitted
Status: 403
Instance: ca32dedc-9f08-cd4f-480c-a6a3f689e97d
Detail: User does not have access to the requested operation
Request URI:

Hi @luke
If the Mailchimp account is a free account you cannot create a new list in Treepl as the Mailchimp account has a limit of only one list (Audience) and currently we cannot connect to an existing Mailchimp list in Treepl.
So, the only options, in this case, are to:

  1. Upgrade the Mailchimp account to allow additional lists
  2. Delete the list in Mailchimp, re-create it in Treepl, then import your list contacts back into Mailchimp (however, if the client has been using this list for a while this option will cause loss of some data) Delete an Audience | Mailchimp

Also, more info on the Treepl mailing list integration here: Mailing Lists

Adam you are the true guru of support, Thanks mate.

Is it possible to delete a list?

When you delete a contact, it erases their personal information and anonymizes their data in your reports. You cannot add a deleted contact back to your audience. The only way to add that contact back is if they re-join through a Mailchimp signup form.

Yes, although in some Mailchimp accounts the option is not there for some reason.
But if you go to this address in your Mailchimp account:
it should bring you to a list of your Audiences.
Tick the checkbox next to the audience and then you should see the ‘Delete’ option.
But yes, as mentioned, deleting a list removes the contacts and deletes their history, stats, etc. So if it’s a list that’s been in use for a while it may not be a viable option.

I’ve done all that and renamed the Audience just to be sure it synced, which it has but its not syncing back to Treepl? The subscribers list is empty but I might give it some time.

Yeah, the sync is only one way. Changes in treepl will push to Mailchimp, but not the other way around.
See the docs for more info: Mailing Lists

I just quickly tried the campaign on treepl and you don’t have templates or anything it’s so limited. So if I cant import the list into Treepl’s mailing list do I have to import the list as contacts then add all the contacts as subscribers one by one?

Up until recently, yes. However, if you are on a plan that supports Custom Reports (PRO and ECOMMERCE) you can run a CRM report and have the results sync to a mailing list.

But yes, the current Mailchimp integration is limited.
For a bit of light reading there is a tonne more on the topic here:
Mailchimp question/issue

I hope there will be a better email marketing system integrated into treepl soon, as there are so many out there but this looks like its been a problem for a while now.

Thanks again Adam.

Yes, I need the same solution too

Hi @Avinash_VB. Welcome to the Treepl Forum :wave:
As a potential workaround (and possibly even a more versatile solution) the Zapier integration has been released (in Beta).
The Release Notes are here (v6.7 release):