Mailing Lists Can't be Setup

I have setup the Mailchimp API like I have for other sites but when I try to create a mailing list I am getting a ‘validation error’. Looking at the API calls I am getting a strange ‘user does not have access to the requested operation’ response. Anyone know what would be causing this?

@alex.n do you know what might be causing this. I have tried two different API keys but I just can’t create a new mailing list in Treepl as it keeps saying “validation error”. It is for the Acute Hearing NSW trial website.

Hello SiroccoDigital. Mailchimp introduced a new pricing model on 2019/05/15, that limits the number of lists for the free users: This may cause an error. Make sure your plan has not exhausted the permitted quantity.

@Denis.l we hadn’t been able to make any lists yet. All we had done is connected the API (like I have for other sites) and tried to setup a list which kept providing an error.

So I went into the ‘Audience’ -> ‘Manage Audience’ -> ‘View Audenices’ and could see that Mail Chimp had already created an Audience with the email address login as a subscriber. Once I deleted that I was able to create the mailing list in Treepl.

This should probably to into the documentation @Adam.Wilson as I would say other partners will get tripped up by this issue too due to the automatic list setup in Mail Chimp when you create a ‘Free’ account.


When creating a mail list, Treepl CMS will synchronize with mailchimp, so this will also attempt to create a mail list in mailchimp. If you are using a free mailchimp account, and there is already a list in this account, then you will no longer be able to create a list for this account.

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I just got caught with this error - thanks for posting. I’ll have a look at mailchimp.