Mailing Lists - how to populate

I can’t figure out how to add the contacts to the mailing lists. Am I missing something? In BC you could add all contacts from a report to a mailing list. My mailing lists did not transfer over, and I need to set them back up.

I don’t believe there is yet a way to bulk subscribe contacts to a mailing list (within the Treepl admin).
However, since mailing lists are configured in Mailchimp, you can still import your list directly to Mailchimp.

This won’t mark them as subscribed in the Treepl admin/CRM unfortunately, but at least will get them on the ‘actual’ list.


I haven’t been able to get this working yet either. My understanding is that while there is a mailchimp/Treepl api it only works for the paid mailchimp subscription (as you need multiple mailing lists and the free version of mailchimp limits to 1 mailing list). You can get around mailchimp by using tags to filter and have all your people on the one mailing list but as yet I haven’t been able to get Treepl and Mailchimp to talk to each other.

If anyone has a tutorial on how to get mailchimp and treepl to talk to each other I’d be keen to see it.

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You can use the free Mailchimp plan, but you need to be able to delete the default Mailchimp list (Audience) and then add it from the Treepl admin instead.

If it’s a new/unused Mailchimp account this is fine, but if you are using an older existing Mailchimp account which already has contacts and data in it, it can be a bit messy (if not impossible).
You can export all the current Mailchimp contacts, delete the list, add it via Treepl, then import the contacts back into Mailchimp. But doing this looses any statistical data against those contacts (ie: opens, clicks, etc.).
If you are ok with this then it’s possible. But if loosing the statistical data is not an option, the only way around it is to upgrade the Mailchimp account.

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