Mailservers in outlook


My client has only just changed her mail server settings from the old Business Catalyst settings [] to [] in Outlook on her laptop.
But is still getting this warning popping up (screen shot attached)

I am not that familiar with Outlook. could anybody suggest how she could get rid of this please.
she has tried the usual restart.
thank you

I’m not familiar with Outlook as well.
Did they change inbound and outbound settings? Just changing one with still give you the error.

Hi Kevin

Thank you I will get them to check and let you know if this worked.

My best guess is that they didn’t change it somewhere since it still mentions “worldsecureemail” in the alert window. I often experience problems with clients Outlook. If the error is persistent I would delete the account on the machine and set it up again. Sometimes it seems like it is “cached” - have experienced this on iPhones as well. When changing servers it will not work, delete the account, set it up again with the exact same details and it works :slight_smile:

Thank you Peter-Schmidt

Deleting the account and starting again seems to have resolved the issue. Thank you for your help.


Glad to hear that it worked @Dawn :+1: