Major URL Redirects Issue with .html

I have just noticed that any url redirect that is added to the system with .html as the source url won’t redirect. This means that the urls with .html that are migrated over from BC aren’t ‘plug-and-play’ in Treepl without having to be individually updated one by one. On a site that has hundreds of redirects, without the option to export and import url redirects to update these in bulk, it is a big fix. Is there are workaround for this @alex.n @alex s?

Another usability issue is that when you make a change to a url and go ‘back’ it takes you back to the first page of results every time and not just back to the page you were up to. It also defaults back to 20 results instead of 50.

Hi @SiroccoDigital
I’ve added a bugfix task to the internal backlog.
Once fixed (current sprint) - url redirects with .htm and .html extensions will be allowed.

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That is fantastic news @vlad.z. It will help a lot of partners save time on migrating their redirects. Thank you for looking into this so quickly.

Nicely spotted @SiroccoDigital and I love that you guys just take action instantly @vlad.z :+1: