Manipulating data in custom modules via component tag

Custom modules are super handy to hold and output any kind of data but are limited in the ways we can actually save data there. For now data can be put in modules via the admin by an admin user, via a form on the front end by a user who is logged in and maybe dynamically via Zapier (

I was wondering if it is possible with the current infrastructure to have a component tag to update data in custom modules or even create and delete data. Something like {% component type: "update", source: "<module_id>", id: "<item_id>", property: "<property>", value: "<new value>" ... %}

This would make a lot of use cases in wich we use hidden secure zone logins and hidden edit form submissions to manipulate data in custom modules so much easier to handle. And maybe even open up the system to more complex solutions, like dynamically creating url endpoints with liquid.

Is that in the realm of possibilities with Treepl @vlad.z @Eugene?


Well, we’ll take it a little further… there will be a component that will operate as an interface to Treepl’s open API. Open API together with this and some other “interesting” features will be released in October 2021, right after the BC EoL.