Materialise Select Dropdown not Displaying

I have added a dropdown field to the Contact Form here but it is not displaying - I have checked the Materialize code and have replicated this in the select field but it just won’t display - Any ideas @Dima?

I’d say the select fields are not being initialized:
So might be one for support to look at for that template.

Check CSS:
input-field > select {
display: block;
/* position: absolute; /
width: 0; /
pointer-events: none; /
height: 0; /
top: 0; /
left: 0; /
opacity: 0; */

@Erik but those properties are meant to be hiding the default select element while the Materialize framework uses JS to create a new UI for its custom selects. But I think the JS for this isn’t firing?

Yes I have tried playing with the CSS but it doesn’t seem to be making any difference, it just shows blank on the live site.

In the Material template, we used the previous version of “Materialize” (0.100.2)
You can add this code: $('select').material_select(); to init.js file

Thanks Michael this has worked great!

Just FYI, the newest Material v2 template has that implemented allready: